Francesco MENTO

Francesco Mento was born in Messina in 1952.

He has worked for nearly forty years as a photographer of still life for advertising.

Professor of photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Reggio Calabria, he’s committed to keeping silver salts photography alive, through artistic and editorials initiatives.

His artistic activity, unlike his professional work, takes place exclusively in classical photography and has, as its main theme, the subject in the studio and street photography.

In 1989, he published the book “Gemellitudine”, followed by the publication of the book “My South” by Maria Luisa Spaziani, with his photos of sculptures made by Nietta D’Atena. In 2006 he published “Small stories”, a photojournalism volume. In 2011 he published a pamphlet in defense of analog photography entitled “The Aesthetics of the fake”. He has directed the photography of several short films.

His current project is titled “Cantico”, and aims to return to a contemplative look on the body, seen in its harmonious physique and not idealized, but investigated through details that reveal its caducity.