Studio Fahrenheit is a professional photographic printing lab founded in Milan by Gianni Romano.

Specialising in high-quality printing techniques, Gianni Romano works closely with authors in fields such as exhibitions, museums, art publications, portfolios and fashion, in a spirit of experimentation and research.

Drawing on three decades of experience, Studio Fahrenheit combines innovation and artisan craftsmanship, using both silver prints and digital techniques to achieve the most interesting results.

The lab is specialised in black & white silver-gelatin prints and uses chemicals and papers of the highest quality. In order to obtain the best results, the lab also applies refined traditional procedures such as pyro, glycine, toning… Ancient techniques are also employed: platinum-palladium, crysothype, gum dichromate, silver emulsion on different media (cloth, glass etc.).

The same philosophy of working and collaborating with each client applies to black & white and color digital domain, with carbon pigment prints and Epson inks.

Studio Fahrenheit also offers services such as film scanning, film from file and image retouching. The lab provides a framework and assembly service in collaboration with an excellent laboratory.

All the photos on show in this gallery were printed by Studio Fahrenheit.