Massimo Pamparana. Born in 1979, he lives in London. Massimo first picked up the camera after watching by chance the last scene of Andrej Tarkovsky’s movie Stalker. After experimenting with cinema at Chicago Columbia College he moved into fashion photography.

After his years of learning as photo assistant, Massimo scored his first photography job, doing in 2005 his first Slurp magazine cover. Since then, Massimo works for clients like Amica, Dazed and Confused, Hero, Vice, L’Officiel Itaiia, L’Optimum, Gq Style.

According to Massimo, he “likes to work simple, adapting himself to every situation”. He likes to photograph people who are strong and self-confident, not afraid to show who they are and their real and deepest side.

“Hasselblad, medium format and Contax g2 are two of my favorite cameras, they allow me to be free and to concentrate more on the subject.

When I started, I used to do everything with flash, now I do prefer to use natural light, total reportage, so you don’t have the feeling of a fashion picture.

I do like to use high ISO rate film, in order to capture as much light as possible and I also love the grainy feeling of it.

Most of my images are black and white because I find it more real than color. In a way it allows me to get closer to the soul of the subject photographed.”