About us

gruppoArgentiqueBndefWe are a group of photographers using silver salt photographic techniques, formed in 2013 with the name of Equipe Argentique. Mainly formed by street-photographers and portraitists, we soon welcomed authors of other genres. The first activities were exhibitions and educational, and gave life to a periodic publication dedicated to classic photography.
Argentique was born in June 2014 with the No. 0, it hosted photographic collections of “Equipe” members, and, at the Festival of Arles was submitted to the judgment of experts, who have shown interest and approval, both for the initiative and the refined and exclusive editorial format.
The next step was to transform Argentique into a periodic magazine, offering a selection of known and emerging international artists, and that’s how #1 was issued, featuring artists such as Franco Carlisi, a successful author, and the younger Augustin Recton, Romain Cailleaud and Elena Carozzi.
We hope that the spirit that animates us is understood and supported by a target public which will be demanding and elitist, as required by the spirit of classic photography.