Augustin Recton
The negative as meeting point between image and sign

Augustin Recton was born in Reims. He dedicated his life to the study of photography and, during this path, he develops a passion for black and white silver-photography.

Experimenting with new techniques becomes his passion, so, during his studies, he spends most of the time in the laboratory.
Various tests lead the young photographer to find the technique that best satisfies him, with which he produced the series “The Secrets”.

The goal of Augustin is to make his shots more and more mysterious, and this is why he chooses to scratch the negatives; a primal, instinctive gesture, sometimes covering the subjects, generating uncertainty, and other times highlighting the subject instead.

The “Secrets”
In this series, Augustin represents the concept of secret, something that each of us holds and has to possess because of hardships before which life itself puts us. These events, difficulties, leave us the signs that identify us as unique individuals, just like our fingerprints, undoubtedly personal.
Through his shots, Augustin shows as some times our frailties, coming into the open, become the object of devastating looks of disgust, while, other times, we find ourselves wearing them as medals won on the field of life.