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  • Giuseppe Leone
    "When photography narrated innocence"

  • Giuseppe Leone, Sicilian, lives and works in Ragusa, and for over fifty years narrated Sicily through images of people, places, festivals, landscapes and architecture, almost always in black and white because “black and white is the interpretation of nature and its transformations, the glance that releases an image from all tinsel to make sense of what is the essence of what you see”. As a narr[...]
  • Dimitri Dimitracacos
    "With Camargue's gypsies"

  • Dimitri Dimitracacos is a fashion photographer of Greek origins, born in Milan in 1974. He developed an interest in photography in his childhood and soon started working for Condé Nast and several famous fashion photographers. At the same time he started developing some personal projects allowing him to define his style, in particular in black and white on film. Around 2000, he started a career as[...]
  • Daniel Southard
    "Duet for body and nature"

  • Daniel Southard was born in 1970 in rural Northern California, where he still lives and works. His “Field Guide” series is a study where each picture describes the relationship between humans and an aspect of nature: direct, fleeting and mysterious, yet distant and eager. This project reflects a deep desire to achieve a true sense of belonging to the place, inspired by the passion of the photog[...]
  • Arturo Russo
    "The cutting gaze"

  • Arturo Russo. He says of himself: “I am a professional amateur. I have worked for fashion, advertising, and communication agencies. Here is my horoscope, on an ordinary day, on the last page of the local newspaper: “A hail of planetary influences rains on your sign and because of their contradictory, the results could be disturbingly chaotic... You will have as much favorable opportunities as you [...]