Daniel Southard
“Duet for body and nature”

Daniel Southard was born in 1970 in rural Northern California, where he still lives and works.

His “Field Guide” series is a study where each picture describes the relationship between humans and an aspect of nature: direct, fleeting and mysterious, yet distant and eager. This project reflects a deep desire to achieve a true sense of belonging to the place, inspired by the passion of the photographer for field guides, booklets addressed to lovers of nature with little experience, describing and helping to identify the flora and fauna of the place. After using them, he realized that the information presented pushed him away from what he really wanted to know: his questions were about the nature of countryside and its inhabitants, such as: “Am I natural? Does the human race have a place and a reason to live within nature? Can we exist as a part of nature if, in some ways, we are always separated?”.

He therefore imagined how a photobook would ask these questions rather than answer them, pushing the limits of language by inviting the viewer to experience the world with awareness and grace.