Kodak Trix-400iso / Neg 6x7
Kodak Trix-400iso / Neg 6x7

Daniele DUELLA

Daniele Duella was born In Milan in 1972. He received his first camera; a medium format twin lens “Rolleiflex” from his grandmother at the age of 13. Soon after he decided to leave school and moved to Paris to devote his life to photography.

In 2000, he met lango Henzi, a stylist at the time, in Milan.

They start to collaborate and from 2006 to 2013 they officially work toghether under the name Daniele+lango.

Their diverse backgrounds and combined sensibilities create a unique approach to contemporary photography that escalated their commercial career. They worked in Paris and London with CLM Agency and from 2010 in New York with Streeters Agency.

In 2005 Daniele also signed with the Arums gallery in Paris. During this time, he collaborated with numerous artists including Ron Arad and Philippe Pasqua.

In 2013, Daniele decided to move back to Paris to focus entirely on his solo career. He currently resides in Paris and Los Angeles dividing his time between fashion photography and personal art projects.


Daniele’s style is often described as Iconic; his work is devoted to creating images that are suspended outside the parameters of time and often rich in symbolism and literary references. His use of lighting creates a sculptural style greatly influenced by his passion for Italian renaissance.

His notorious perfectionism and attention to details are finalized to the actualization of a pure, uncompromising aesthetic: undoubtedly graphic, precise and elegant. But at the same time, his masterful use of chiaroscuro infuses his pictures with a dramatic and lyrical quality. A religious, mystical aura that seem to equally permeate and define beauty and decay.

The result is a classicism inspired by his masters like Caravaggio but surprisingly modern and provocative like the work of Daniele’s contemporary influences such as Austrian painter Günter Brus, performer Leigh Bowery and director Peter Greenaway.

A recomposed duality is also apparent in the depiction of female characters, a recurring theme in Daniele’s work: domineering females of uncompromising physical beauty and overt sexuality or angelic Pre-Raphaelite figures of rarefied purity and grace.

Daniele specializes in the use of film photography, black and white, color negative, polaroid negative, transparency reversal film and utilizes special development technique for all his negatives and slides. He works always in large and medium format.

Daniele often collaborates with magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, W Magazine, Interview,

V Magazine, Visionaire, i-D, Dazed & Confused, Another Magazine and The Economist UK. He has shot commercial campaigns for Givenchy, Tom Ford, Versace Jeans, Versus, Cartier, Pinko, Plein Sud and John Frieda.