Dimitri Dimitracacos
“With Camargue’s gypsies”

Dimitri Dimitracacos is a fashion photographer of Greek origins, born in Milan in 1974. He developed an interest in photography in his childhood and soon started working for Condé Nast and several famous fashion photographers. At the same time he started developing some personal projects allowing him to define his style, in particular in black and white on film. Around 2000, he started a career as a free-lance photographer with assignments from many different fashion magazines. His passion for photography has extended over time to other fields such as street photography and portrait. And these are exactly the fields he has chosen to examine in depth for some time now.

Back In 2011 Dimitri started following a group of gypsies on a pilgrimage in southern France, driven by his fascination for their music and culture. The deep desire to know more about their true and independent way of living led him to Boï, Le Patchivalo (wise), who introduced him to his own group of musicians. The resulting harmony between them is well-documented in Dimitri’s photo-project “Gens du Voyage”, exhibited at the 2013 Arles Photo Festival. In the following pages we show you some of the pictures.