Giuseppe Leone
“When photography narrated innocence”

Giuseppe Leone, Sicilian, lives and works in Ragusa, and for over fifty years narrated Sicily through images of people, places, festivals, landscapes and architecture, almost always in black and white because “black and white is the interpretation of nature and its transformations, the glance that releases an image from all tinsel to make sense of what is the essence of what you see”.

As a narrator he has shared the profound experience of this land with authors who, as much as him, have been able to seize beauty and contradictions – from Sciascia to Bufalino, to Consolo – without ever falling into the stereotype: “The camera is a tool to talk to your surroundings. Then the photographer becomes not only  an interpreter, but also a researcher.

I do not care about the scoop, the striking image, but about conceptual photography, research, immediacy, as I dedicate myself capturing the image on the fly […]. When I get back from a shoot, I’m happy if I bring back at least three unforgettable images. To be unforgettable, the images must have evocative and interpretative strength”.