Romain Cailleaud
A Leica among skaters

Romain Cailleaud is a young, 31-year old French photographer.
When he was 15, the passion for photography impresses his soul, together with another passion, that for skateboarding. In fact, he began photographing his skater friends and, from that time on, he will never stop.
His first camera was a Nikon FM2, with Nikon Nikkor 50 1.2 lens.
Digital photography is not his passion, Romain does not like to waste time in post-production and graphic processing, rather, he prefers the spontaneity of the shot and the total dedication to the cathartic moment in which the eye of the photographer merges with the soul of the subject, especially, he loves printing in the darkroom, where shooting takes shape, and the moment when the image appears on the card, where emotion lies.
In the choice of subjects, he follows the instinct, photographing what feels nice, but often his focus is on skaters. Of them he realizes portraits in which the subjects are not portrayed in the act of traveling between the geometries of the city, but immortalized in their most spontaneous expression, almost childlike, of those who know how to do what they like most, and dedicate body and soul to it. They are still there, holding their much loved, the means that somehow allows them to fly.