Valentina Giovinazzo

Photographer, studied painting at the Academyof Fine Arts.

Her current photographic research is about mystic photography.

Prefers small format film, which she personally prints on baryta coated silver halide salts paper.

What fascinates her the most is “the Unknown”, the foregone details, everything that is abandoned. Instinct forces her to look beyond the walls of abandoned buildings, houses or castles, in which she imagines possible past life. In these places, silence is such to provoke feelings of being stared by obscure presences, invisible to the normal eye of men and women passing by, which makes the young photographer eager to depict them through its photographs.

This mysterious presence cannot always be seen in her photographs, but its existence can nevertheless be always perceived. Mystery is the principle behind her photos, and, through them, she tries to tell a story, maybe her own personal story; she exorcises her fears trapping them in photographs, as if the film was a mirror, forcing her to face monsters she herself created.