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  • Daniele DUELLA

  • Daniele Duella was born In Milan in 1972. He received his first camera; a medium format twin lens “Rolleiflex” from his grandmother at the age of 13. Soon after he decided to leave school and moved to Paris to devote his life to photography. In 2000, he met lango Henzi, a stylist at the time, in Milan. They start to collaborate and from 2006 to 2013 they officially work toghether under the n[...]

  • Dimitri Dimitracacos is a fashion photographer of Greek origins, born in Milan in 1974. He developed an interest in photography in his childhood and soon started working for Condé Nast and several famous fashion photographers. At the same time he started developing some personal projects which allowed him to define his style, in particular in black and white on film. Around 2000, he started a care[...]
  • Massimo PAMPARANA

  • Massimo Pamparana. Born in 1979, he lives in London. Massimo first picked up the camera after watching by chance the last scene of Andrej Tarkovsky’s movie Stalker. After experimenting with cinema at Chicago Columbia College he moved into fashion photography. After his years of learning as photo assistant, Massimo scored his first photography job, doing in 2005 his first Slurp magazine cover. S[...]
  • Laura MAJOLINO

  • Laura Majolino. Studied modern literature at the University of Genova, working in the meanwhile as a freelance photographer in fashion and advertising, both in Italy and in the US. Since 1993, she lives and works in Milan, where she opened her own studio specializing in portrait and in advertising, collaborating with the best-known agencies, magazines and galleries. (Among her customers, Swa[...]

  • Studio Fahrenheit is a professional photographic printing lab founded in Milan by Gianni Romano. Specialising in high-quality printing techniques, Gianni Romano works closely with authors in fields such as exhibitions, museums, art publications, portfolios and fashion, in a spirit of experimentation and research. Drawing on three decades of experience, Studio Fahrenheit combines innovation a[...]
  • Francesco MENTO

  • Francesco Mento was born in Messina in 1952. He has worked for nearly forty years as a photographer of still life for advertising. Professor of photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Reggio Calabria, he’s committed to keeping silver salts photography alive, through artistic and editorials initiatives. His artistic activity, unlike his professional work, takes place exclusively in clas[...]
  • Roberta LO SCHIAVO

  • Roberta Lo Schiavo was born in Reggio Calabria in 1991. She graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. Besides painting, she focuses on the study of photography, choosing film as medium of expression. Her images are exclusively analog and personally printed in silver salts traditional process. Her current research deals with the issue of identity. Through a harmonious agreement between th[...]
  • Franco Carlisi
    Intime narration dynamique

  • Franco Carlisi est né à Grotte (AG) en 1963. Docteur en ingénierie électrique à Palerme, il commença à se consacrer à la photographie en 1994. Durant ces années, il exerça son activité photographique surtout dans les pays du bassin méditeranéen et dans son île, en alternant la nécessité du témoignage à l’utilisation du journal et de la photographie introspective. Il s’occupe de la définition de n[...]
  • Romain Cailleaud
    une Leica parmi les skaters

  • Romain Cailleaud est un jeune photographe français de 31 ans , Déjà à 15 ans la passion pour la photographie affecte son âme qui est  en liaison avec une autre grande passion celle pour le skateboard .En effet , il commence à photographier en compagnie de ses amis skater et à partir de ce moment là il ne s'arrêtera plus , La photographie numérique n'est pas sa passion ,Romain n'aime pas perd[...]